Pareidolia 98



In Pareidolia, you will have a unique and engaging experience in a psychological horror game. With the ability to control your character from various distinct perspectives, you will immerse yourself in a strange and atmospheric world.
Through an artistic style bordering on surrealism, you will navigate through an immaculate world where you have the power to follow your moral compass and understand the fate of its inhabitants and how it affects your own destiny. The game offers the opportunity to help creatures, explore new environments, and truly enjoy life, despite the horrors that may be lurking at every moment.
Get ready to test your courage and dive into the unsettling world of Pareidolia, where every decision you make can alter the game's outcome.



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- Control of the character from various distinct perspectives;
- Possibility of following your own moral compass and understanding how the fate of the inhabitants of the game's world can affect your own destiny;
- Opportunity to help creatures and explore new environments, even amidst horrors that may be lurking;
- Agoraphobic feeling reminiscent of the 2000s.